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Why Winter is the Best Time to Have Windows and Doors Installed

Contractors love installing windows and doors in the winter. In fact, they love it so much they’re willing to do it at a discount. Speaking of discounts, Edmunds is offering a 10% discount on all window and door installations this winter. Get your free estimate – and 10% discount – here: If this runs […]

Edmunds Home Improvements Crowned 2019 HomeStars Best of Award Winner!

Toronto, ON — March 6, 2019 — Edmunds Home Improvements announced today that they have been selected as a 2019 “Best of Award” Winner by HomeStars. Hailed as HomeStars’ highest honour, the Best of Awards, presented by DEWALT, Canadian Contractor, and RenoRun, recognizes the most trusted home service professionals in HomeStars’ network of over 60k […]

Ask an Expert: A 17 Year Roofing Pro Shares What Every Home Owner Should Know About Roof Replacement, But Doesn’t

Welcome to the first in our Ask an Expert Series, where we’ll be interviewing contracting pros to get answers to common customer questions. Our expert today is the Roofing Manager at Edmunds Home Improvements, Steve Wilcox. Colin: How long have you worked in roofing? Steve: I believe it’s been just over 17 years. Colin: For […]

See What Your New Siding Will Look Like on Your Home with Gentek Visualizer

For anyone looking to have new siding installed on their house, choosing the right colour and style is an exciting, but often stressful experience. After all, what happens if you spend thousands on a renovation, only to realize you don’t like the result? There are several methods people traditionally use to make sure this doesn’t […]

Burglar-Proof your New Windows for $50, While Enjoying Insulation on-par with Leading Triple-Pane Glass

Your windows may protect against the elements, but what about criminals? While most people worry about their doors when it comes to security, the fact is that ground floor windows are just as easy, if not more, for burglars to break into than entranceways. But until recently, there hasn’t been a reliable security solution that […]

See What Your Home Would Look Like with New Shingles, Without Spending a Dime

What do you do when your new roof doesn’t look how you’d imagined? This situation is a literal nightmare for homeowners who have just spent thousands of dollars on a new roof. To avoid this problem, there are several strategies contractors use to give customers a sense of what their roof will look like after […]

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Complete This Checklist to Find Out

Winter is coming, replete with ski jackets, winter scarves, and snowball fights. While symbols of winter such as these tend to bring fond memories to mind, the snow and cold weather also bring their fair share of hardships. For homeowners in York Region, preparing for winter means making sure that your home is protected from […]

How a Quality Gutter Protection System Can Stop your Foundation from Rotting and your Roof from Collapsing

Eavestrough is one of the most important and most overlooked parts of a home. This is probably because people tend not to pay attention to their eaves, until they stop working. While this is understandable, waiting until your eavestrough is failing can cause problems ranging from a water-damaged roof to a leaking foundation. We’ve already […]

Think You’ve Got Roof Problems? Check Your Eaves Trough First

There are a number of causes of a leaking roof; we outlined some of them in How to Spot the Signs That You Need a New Roof, Before it’s Too Late. However, the main source of leaks may not be your roof. Eaves trough that’s in need of maintenance or replacement is often responsible for water […]

Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home: Function and Aesthetics

Siding is responsible for keeping your home safe from the elements while also making up a significant portion of your house’s aesthetic presence, making it one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior. Good siding will prevent water from entering your home, provide adaquate insulation, and will compliment your windows, door, and roof. […]

Why You Can’t Neglect Your Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are similar to eavestrough in that, although they can both add a unique aesthetic accent to your home, for the most part they go unnoticed. That is, until they cause you problems. Your soffit and fascia play an important role in the health of your roof and attic. For starters, your soffit […]

Can I Repair My Broken Windows, Or Do I Need to Replace Them?

From water damage to astronomical heating bills, faulty windows can cause a variety of problems. Given that replacing a house of windows can cost upwards of $10,000, repairing your existing windows is usually preferable to replacing them, when possible. The following guide will help you to identify the source of your problem and find the […]

Steel, Fiberglass, or Wood: Choose the Best Material for Your New Entrance Door System

From decorative glass with ornate steel caming to freshly stained wood that perfectly matches the colour of your bricks, a new entrance door system can be a beauty to behold. The benefits of added curb appeal extend beyond aesthetics: investing in a new door system has been shown to increase the value of your home […]

Counterfeit Shingles in Markham

The Telltale Sign of Counterfeit Shingles that Every York Region Home Owner Needs to be Aware of One of the best parts about having new shingles installed is the comfort afforded by the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about your roof leaking for at least another decade. Given this, it’s easy to imagine […]

3 Things to Look For When Shopping for New Vinyl Windows

There are few things more annoying than finding yourself freezing in your own home, despite having the heat on full-blast. As you may already know, the most likely cause of heat loss is your windows. Unfortunately, it’s often hard, if not impossible, to have old windows fixed. The solution? Have new windows installed! But if […]

7 Steps for Choosing The Right Vinyl Window Installer

“Rick, we’ve got to do something about the windows,” Sandy implored her husband. “There’s condensation forming between the panes, so I’m pretty sure all of the seals are broken and not doing much to keep the cold out. And the wood on the inside is starting to rot.” Sandy and Rick are sitting around the […]

Cost Effective Windows for Sound Reduction in Markham

We recently installed new vinyl windows for a customer in an older home backing onto highway 7, who was constantly plagued with high-traffic noise. The original windows were inefficient single-pane sliders. We installed double pane casements with argon gas and 4 mill / 3 mill glass. The argon gas dampens sound, acting as an insulator. […]

New Entrance System in Markham: A Great Return on Investment

The selection of entrance door systems available in the marketplace can seem both daunting and endless.  Choosing between steel, fibreglass or even wood is often a matter of personal taste, as today’s doors are all considerable more durable and energy-efficient than in the past.  Regardless of your choice there are few home improvements which offer a […]

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Like anything exposed to the elements, vinyl siding will get dirty. However, in most cases, a good rainfall or an ordinary garden hose will do wonders on the normal everyday dirt. If the rain and a hose are not successful, use a soft bristled brush, such as a car washing brush, with a solution of […]

Replacing a Roof

The ideal time to install a roof is during mild, dry weather.  Shingles are easier to work with and are less likely to be marked during application.  The shingles are immediately water-tight upon application.  Although today’s heavier laminate shingles are naturally wind-resistant, the sealing strip which is activated by future hot weather will guard against […]