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Burglar-Proof Your New Windows for $50, While Enjoying Insulation On Par with Leading Triple-Pane Glass

May 1, 2017 / Author: Colin Gibson

Your windows may protect against the elements, but what about criminals?

While most people worry about their doors when it comes to security, the fact is that ground floor windows are just as easy, if not more, for burglars to break into than entranceways.

But until recently, there hasn’t been a reliable security solution that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. Bars across windows certainly keep intruders out, but who wants to feel like they’re living in a jail cell? And security systems may scare away burglars, but they don’t stop them from entering, and therefore offer no guarantee of protection.

Vinylbilt SSP Glass Package

That’s where Vinylbilt SSP Glass Package comes in. There are three components to SSP: security, sound reduction and performance.

Security: The glass of choice for financial institutions, SSP Glass is 10 times stronger than regular glass and is virtually unbreakable. Even if broken, SSP Glass sticks together. Unless they come armed with a tank, no burglar will be able to break into your home with this glass.

Sound: Vinylbilt combines their SSP technology with their Super Spacer product to bring customers a window more soundproof than either double- or triple-pane solutions. SSP glass is 40% more soundproof than double-pane glass. For reference, triple-pane glass is only 10% more soundproof than double-pane.

Performance: When combined with LoE and insulating argon gas, SSP windows have higher R- and lower U-values than double-pane glass. For those not “in the know,” higher R and lower U both signify better insulation against the elements. For those who are in the know, SSP Glass provides a 20% increase in R-value over triple-pane, as well as a 22% increase in UV insulation, for a total UV ray protection of 98%.

Perhaps the best part of SSP Glass is the cost. For a limited time, Edmunds is offering an SSP upgrade for $5/square foot of glass (down 50% from $10/square foot). For the average window, this works out to roughly $50 per window.

For the first time, you and your family can experience the same level of security as a bank, with the benefits and low cost of triple-pane glass. For more information, call Edmunds today at 905-472-0276, or visit our showroom at 80 Bullock Drive, Markham.