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Gentek Home Preview

See What Your New Siding Will Look Like on Your Home with Gentek Visualizer

July 5, 2017 / Author: Colin Gibson

For anyone looking to have new siding installed on their house, choosing the right colour and style is an exciting, but often stressful, experience. After all, what happens if you spend thousands on a renovation, only to realize you don’t like the result?

There are several methods people traditionally use to make sure this doesn’t happen. Visiting your contractor’s showroom to view samples gives you a good idea of what a particular type of siding will look like (FYI: Our showroom is located at 80 Bullock Drive, Unit 5, in Markham.) A good contractor can also provide you with addresses of homes where they have installed different types of siding, so that you can get a sense of how the finished product will look. Another great way to learn about different styles and colours is to visit the manufacturer’s website.

However, none of these solutions tell you how a given type of siding will look on your house. This leaves your decision, at least in part, up to your imagination.

Enter Gentek Visualizer

Gentek Visualizer changes all of that. Visualizer is a web application designed to let you see how any Gentek product will look on your home. Just take a picture of your house and upload it to the application. From there, swap different siding products and colours in and out with the click of a button.

If you’re thinking about having new siding installed, Gentek Visualizer is the perfect tool to help find the best match for your home. To give it a try, click here. After you’ve got some ideas, share pics of your house with new Gentek siding with us on our Facebook page.

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