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Home Ready for Winter

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Complete This Checklist to Find Out

October 24, 2016 / Author: Colin Gibson

Winter is coming, replete with ski jackets, winter scarves, and snowball fights. While symbols of winter such as these tend to bring fond memories to mind, the snow and cold weather also bring their fair share of hardships. For homeowners in York Region, preparing for winter means making sure that your home is protected from the elements. If left unattended, the snow and ice can cause unnecessary damage that ends up being far more expensive than a quick pre-winter fix.

Below is a checklist that every homeowner should go through to ensure their house is ready for the winter:

  • Make sure that everything on your roof is sealed and secure. This includes refastening, caulking, or replacing loose or missing shingles, as well as sealing vents and metal flashing where the caulking has cracked or chipped away. Once the snow melts, any exposed areas will allow water to leak into your attic.
  • All eavestroughs should be inspected for clogs. Clogged eaves can create areas for water to sit, which then turns into ice come winter. Ice warps eaves, causing them to lose their slope, which in turn allows water to pool, and overflow into your attic. The problem of clogged eavestroughs can be permanently solved by having an Alu-Rex gutter protection system installed. For more information, click here. [link to blog How a Quality Gutter Protection System Can Stop your Foundation from Rotting and your Roof from Collapsing]
  • When checking eavestroughs for clogs, it can be easy to forget about your downpipes. This would be a mistake, as clogged downpipes can lead to ice forming in them. Ice can cause downpipes to burst and send water down into your foundation. As with clogged eavestroughs, an Alu-Rex gutter protection system will ensure that you never have to worry about clogged downpipes again.
  • If your eavestrough is fastened to the roof with nails (spikes), you may want to consider having it replaced with eaves that use interior hangers instead. Over time, nails work loose, causing a loss of slope and a gap between your eaves and your home, rendering your eaves ineffective. The weight of snow on eavestroughs can cause nails to work loose, resulting in leaks come spring. Replacing eaves with an Alu-Rex system in place is the most effective way to prevent loss of slope in addition to solving clogging problems.
  • Replace windows – or at least sealed units – that have lost their seal and, by extension, any insulation value they may have had. You will know that your window has lost its seal if it has condensation on the inside. Any window that isn’t insulating properly will cause an increase in your hydro bill as well as make the room it is in uncomfortably cold. The good news here is that windows can usually be installed in the winter. In fact, this can be a great time to have windows replaced, as many window installers (including Edmunds) offer discounts throughout the winter to drive business during a typically quieter period.

Following these five points will ensure that your home makes it through the winter unscathed. Remember, it is important to act before it is too late: the same snow and ice that causes damage also make repairs difficult to perform. This means that in many circumstances, problems that aren’t addressed before the first snowfall are unfixable until the spring comes and the damage is done.

If you suspect that you are dealing with any of the problems detailed above, don’t hesitate. Call Edmunds today at 905-472-0276 for a free consultation.